Our Commitment

Our philosophy is built on the foundation that is aligned with the long-term interests of our customers. In this regard, our team is fully committed to do our very best to serve all our customers from the beginning till the end.

Focused Value Creation

We are focused on high quality products and services that will bring the most value to a dentist . Our connection and relationships with major dental companies provides us with a deep understanding , research & education of the dental market which provides us a unique market insights for our team to know what product / services can create the most value.

Continuous Dental Education

Our Management team, Senior Advisors and Global Advisory Board bring in-depth knowledge of market opportunities and challenges which enable us to help our portfolio companies capture their fullest potential. Our team actively invites top speakers around the world & organises dental education webinars & workshops frequently to allow our customers to keep up on what are the latest technology in the market. 

Long-term Goal

We have partnerships with major dental companies around the world such as DMG Chemisch-Pharmazeustische Fabrik GmbH , Angelus Inc , Bio Cosmetics Laboratories and many other more around the world to ensure that we are importing high quality dental materials that can benefit all our customers. Our goal has always been the same since the first day , to bring in high quality dental products from around the world and make it accessible and affordable to all our customers.

Creating Superior and Sustainable Value

Acme’s sole purpose is to create superior and sustainable value for all our customers through the following commitments.